Life Can’t Wait

Almost three million Americans are injured in car accidents every year. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you or your client is one of them.

Your car’s in the shop. You’re in pain. And you’re probably a little overwhelmed by all the legal and medical choices you’re facing.

That’s why we started Injury Treatment Centers. Our physicians, physical therapists, massage therapists and other medical specialists are dedicated to helping patients get back to their lives as soon as medically possible.

We also understand all the ins and outs of motor-vehicle accidents. We know the complexities of insurance and legal claims. And just how important it is to have accurate medical documentation.

But most of all, we make sure care is available even while a case is pending. Our patients have no out of pocket expenses and billing is deferred until the case is resolved. Because life can’t wait.


We offer medical evaluations for accident injury victims by licensed Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists and other medical professionals. We can help facilitate outside referrals to other medical professionals at no out of pocket expense. Bilingual staff.